AquaPod Boat Information

1st AquaPod in 1971

The AquaPod is a unique craft that is especially well suited for sportsmen and is found across the United States and Canada. One of the primary uses has been as a duck hunting boat. Its versatility makes it an essential tool in the freelance waterfowler’s kit and opens up access to new fishing holes. Since no boat ramp is needed, use it to access shallow marshes, as a layout boat on open water, a sneak boat, or decked out as a portable blind. The AquaPod will help you get more limits without sacrificing safety. AquaPod customers include the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife and fish and game agencies from several states.


The primary design feature of the AquaPod is its stability. Your dog can jump out and climb back in without swamping the duck hunting boat. You can change positions quickly and shoot or cast from a sitting or kneeling position without fear of capsizing. The low profile design of the AquaPod enables hunters to become a natural part of their surroundings. The molded-in keel tracks straight to maneuver easily and skim through the water without getting snagged on aquatic vegetation or hung up when paddling shallow water.

What is the capacity of each style?2017-03-17T23:22:13-07:00
Model Weight Capacity A B C D E F
8 ft Explorer 42 lbs 280 lbs 98 38 52 21 66 14
10 ft Explorer 52 lbs 355 lbs 121 40 74.5 21 82 12
10 ft Sport 62 lbs 355 lbs 116 38 71.5 21 82 12
12 ft Explorer 62 lbs 465 lbs 144 40 98 21 106 13



What is the Sport and Explorer?2017-03-17T23:17:24-07:00

The SPORT model of the AquaPod includes the basic design features of the original Pod, but in rotomolded polyethylene construction. The ten foot AquaPod SPORT delivers classic AquaPod stability and maneuverability.

The lightest weight and premium AquaPod is the EXPLORER, which is constructed using the latest composite technology, and delivers the highest strength to weight ratio.

Do I need a special roof rack?2017-03-04T03:08:53-08:00

The AquaPod will fit on any factory roof rack that has cross bars. The AquaPod can also be used as a car-top carrier when loaded right side up and filled with gear.

How does the AquaPod compare to other marsh boats and layout boats?2017-03-17T23:09:20-07:00

The AquaPod is lighter and more versatile than other boats of its kind. It is lethal for teal in the marsh and bluebills on open water. The hull is designed for maximum stability, and its shape makes the AquaPod easy to camouflage.

How much water does the AquaPod displace?2017-03-04T03:07:47-08:00

Typically four inches. This will vary based on how much gear is in the boat.

Can I hunt with a dog in an eight foot AquaPod?2017-03-04T03:07:18-08:00

Most people use the 8 foot AquaPod to hunt without a dog. The 8 foot AquaPod is maneuverable and fast enough that you retrieve birds by paddling.

Will the 10 foot AquaPod hold two people?2017-03-04T03:06:48-08:00

Two people can enjoy recreational paddling in the ten foot AquaPod, but it is not large enough for two hunters and all their gear.

What does Maduro and Forest Green look like?2017-03-17T23:14:46-07:00

Maduro is a grayish brown that blends well with water, marsh bottoms, and tidal mud.

Forest Green is medium-dark green that is easily blended into late-season foliage.

“The stability is awesome, and it tracks perfectly. I can get the AquaPod over a submerged log without being afraid of tipping it over. I’m able to paddle my AquaPod at a fast enough speed if I have to retrieve a sick swan, and I can take the Pod in as little as 4 inches of grass and water .”

Scientific Technician , State Dept of Fish and Wildlife

I can honestly say that my last Aqua Pod I bought was the best waterfowl equipment I have ever purchased.  You make a great product.  Again thanks to all involved in getting me another of these great boats.


“The boat allowed me to access the back-waters and small pools where our big duck hunting boat couldn’t go…even my hunting partner came within about 100 yds from me without knowing I was set up there until I moved.”

Earl Worthington